DTW 7 – Painting Green Tara pt.2

Digital Thangka Workshop – we take a quick tour of my retreat cabin then off to Photoshop to create some channels and do some basic colouring. We also take a look at Smart Objects and how they allow… Read More

DTW 6 – Painting Green Tara pt.1

Digital Thangka Workshop – An introductory video showing my latest project. A bit of discussion on the individual elements of the thangka, as well as my vision for this image and my reasons for painting it. I have… Read More

DTW 5 – Repainting Hair in Photoshop

Here is a short video showing the repainting of certain areas of the hair in my image of White Tara. I completed this image some years ago at the request of my Lama and also a good friend… Read More

DTW – Tutorial 4 pt.2 – Digital Restoration

In this second part of the fourth tutorial on how to paint a lotus, we take a little detour to look at digital restoration. We reintroduce our completed lotus to our original reference image and then do a… Read More

DTW – Tutorial 4 – Line and Texture

In this first part of the fourth tutorial on how to paint a lotus, we round off by adding some finishing touches. We look at various ways to colour our outline and try out a faux gold technique…. Read More

DTW – Tutorial 3 – Shading a Lotus.

In this first part of the third tutorial on how to paint a lotus we begin by talking a little about the lighting used in Tibetan art. Then we look at some examples of how traditional thangkas are… Read More

Digital Thangka Workshop – Tutorial 2 – Colouring a Lotus.

I have just uploaded the second tutorial in the Lotus series. We are partway through finishing the lotus now. All that remains in the shading and finally a few tricks to make the image look hand painted using… Read More

Digital Thangka Workshop – Tutorial 1 – Part 2

This is the second part to the tutorial I uploaded yesterday. In this video we take the first half of our lotus and mirror it to complete the finished lotus. Then we do a little cleaning up, add… Read More

Digital Thanka Workshop – Tutorial 1 – Drawing a Lotus

I have decided to create a series of tutorials showing the digital techniques I use to make my images. The first one is uploaded to youtube and I hope to add another each Sunday. I hope you like… Read More