Painting Black Manjushri

Here is a video showing the process I used to arrive at the finished image of Black Manjushri. This was a tough image to create, and I really struggled up until the last few days. One night it all… Read More

DTW 20 – Digital Restoration of a Thangka

I needed to create a skull necklace for the thangka I am currently working on. I found the best reference I could in an oldish thangka depicting Mahaka. I chose to copy the skulls directly from it. The… Read More

DTW 19 – Painting an Offering

Digital Thangka Workshop – In this tutorial I work on painting and shading a common form of offering depicted as a skull cup full of nectar. We do the usual shading techniques working on a file that will… Read More

DTW 17 – Kalachakra Sahaja – Creating Light Rays

I have been asked to create a simple image of a rare form of Kalachakra. Know as Sahaja or Innate Kalachakra this form is much easier to visualise than the traditional form, yet retains the entire blessing of… Read More

DTW 16 – Lake Born Vajra – Shading the Lotus

Digital Thangka Workshop – In this tutorial I work on shading the variegated lotus petals. I also do some work on the Hands, Feet and some quick shading on the jewelery.

DTW 15 – Lake Born Vajra – Adding Rainbow Elements

Digital Thangka Workshop – In this tutorial I work on the upper part of the thangka and attempt to add some rainbow effects surrounding the minor figures of Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri. I use the pen tool in Photoshop… Read More

DTW 14 – Compositing a Photograph into a Thangka

In this video tutorial we look at some methods for compositing a landscape photograph into our work whilst still keeping it looking as though it were a painting. I talk a little about atmospheric perspective and we look at… Read More

DTW 10 – Painting Green Tara pt.5

Digital Thangka Workshop – Here is a video showing the latest work on the Green Tara image. Its been a long but beautiful process. I have been working steadily on the image maybe about 2-3 hours a day,… Read More

DTW 9 – Painting Green Tara pt.4

Digital Thangka Workshop – This week we take a look inside my retreat cabin and have a tour of my meditation space and my portable painting workstation. Its raining outside and there is thunder approaching, so I head… Read More

DTW 8 – Painting Green Tara pt.3

Digital Thangka Workshop – This week we sign off on the colour flats and also talk a little about some new changes and maybe a few future adjustments to the composition. We talk a little about managing file… Read More