Painting Black Manjushri

Here is a video showing the process I used to arrive at the finished image of Black Manjushri.

This was a tough image to create, and I really struggled up until the last few days. One night it all came together and it was all down hill after that. I am glad that I pursued the image as I saw it in my mind, it was a difficult process but I learned a lot from it and I now feel much more confident as a landscape painter. I hope you also like the image.

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The practice of Black Manjushri, as it was passed on to me through the holy words of my Lama, is all about healing. Its a little like Medicine Buddha in that way. To those of you who are unwell physically or mentally, I send you my love and offer this image to help speed your recovery and send you swiftly on the path to enlightenment and the end of suffering.

With love,
Ben (Jampay Dorje)