DTW 20 – Digital Restoration of a Thangka

I needed to create a skull necklace for the thangka I am currently working on. I found the best reference I could in an oldish thangka depicting Mahaka. I chose to copy the skulls directly from it. The original work is an absolute masterpiece and is available from the Himalayan Art Resource under the catalogue number 6500


It is undoubtably one of the greatest masterpieces of old Tibet, and an incredible example of both a  ‘black ground thangka’ and Panjarnata Mahakala.

Seeing as I needed to repaint the skulls I though it a wonderful opportunity to produce another tutorial on Digital Thangka Restoration. My other tutorial on this subject matter can be found here http://jampaydorje.com/index.php/2015/08/02/dtw-tutorial-4-pt-2-digital-restoration/

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and the following images showing the before and the after…

Best wishes for your practice,
Ben (Jampay Dorje)


Thangka After Digital Restoration Thangka Before Digital Restoration