DTW 19 – Painting an Offering

Digital Thangka Workshop – In this tutorial I work on painting and shading a common form of offering depicted as a skull cup full of nectar. We do the usual shading techniques working on a file that will later be used as a smart object and then composited into our main work.

This vignette forms part of a larger image depicting Troma Nagmo from the Gelugpa Chod tradition.

I cant show the completed image, however I will add some other vignettes over the next two weeks as it reaches completion.

Wishing a happy Tsechu to all those secret yogis,
Those who hold that sweetest Dharma,
Of Emptiness and Bodhicitta in their mindstreams.
Combined as a single song,
May it be firm and continue to grow forever.

With love,
Ben (Jampay Dorje)