DTW 17 – Kalachakra Sahaja – Creating Light Rays

I have been asked to create a simple image of a rare form of Kalachakra. Know as Sahaja or Innate Kalachakra this form is much easier to visualise than the traditional form, yet retains the entire blessing of the original form. Being a rare form it is hard to find many works to reference. Infact in my research I was only able to find two images dedicated to this form and another two which depicted them as minor figures. I hope I can do them justice, there is quite a bit of pressure to get this right, since it is inevitable that this work will be used to reference this formĀ in the future due to its rarity.


In this tutorial I work on creating some light ray effects to surround the central figures of Kalachakra Sahaja and Vishvamata. We create a custom brush then use the pen tool to stroke the line in Photoshop.