Lake Born Vajra

I just finished another work and have added some small vignettes for you. I cant show the full image as it requires empowerment. If you know the Lake Born Vajra practice and have the empowerment, maybe send me an email and request the image.

Just as the meditator meets the mind of the Buddha,
and the scholar meets the speech of the Buddha,
The artist meets the body of the Buddha.

How wonderful then to meditate, study and paint!

I was thinking a little about the words of His Holiness the First Panchen Lama when he said that we live in a time where no one can say with genuine certainty that the Buddhas still walk amongst us. Its a powerful statement particularly delivered, as it was, during the peak of Tibetan Buddhism in the 1500’s. How much more degenerate the times have become, yet there is such a fight for goodness in the world today.

Generally you would say that, although we don’t live in a time when the Buddha still walks the earth, we can still reach an approximation of their Body, Speech and Mind in the following ways. When we read or listen to the Dharma we can make contact with the Buddha’s speech. This is why books are such holy objects. If we become a proficient meditator we can meet an aspect of the Buddha’s mind in the form of the Dharmakaya. The Body of a Buddha is revealed in two ways, “Body” can refer to two things; the actual Body of the Buddha, or the actions of the Buddha.

As artists I think we are particularly lucky to spend so much time with the Body of the Buddha, hours each day. It doesn’t matter if we are a good artist or not, I think anyone can learn to draw the shape of the Buddha. If that person were to consider that drawing to be a representation of the Buddha, then it would be a wonderful thing.

If you are interested enough to have read this far then maybe pick up some tracing paper one day and copy the outline of a Buddha, I guarantee you will feel something special.

With love,
Ben (Jampay Dorje)

Lake Born Vajra Lotus Lake Born Vajra Scarf Lake Born Vajra Tiger Lake Born Vajra Landscape Lake Born Vajra Hand Lake Born Vajra Rainbow