DTW 10 – Painting Green Tara pt.5

Digital Thangka Workshop – Here is a video showing the latest work on the Green Tara image. Its been a long but beautiful process. I have been working steadily on the image maybe about 2-3 hours a day, its almost finished now.

I had a good friend come to visit yesterday and he gave me some invaluable advice on resolving certain areas of the image that I had been struggling with. Its great to have a master artist on hand to critique your work! I think it becomes very hard to “see” the image after spending so much time with it. I find I become almost blind to whether it is good or bad. A fresh set of expert eyes is so precious, and the insight that comes with them even more so.

This week we look at one of the final stages of the thangka, rendering the Body and Face. This video represents about 20 hours of work along with a little commentary I made to describe the process.  

I¬†hope you enjoy it…