White Tara

White Tara appears amongst a serene landscape. Below Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara meets Her directly in answer to His prayers.
Here is the updated image of White Tara. I made some changes to the hair, that is the only difference. The image is inspired by the famous prayer know as the TwentyOne Praises to Tara. The opening lines of the prayer describe how Tara appeared to Bodhisattva Chenresig in a moment of despair, as he wept for the suffering of beings, and his own inability to help them. The churning waters and lake below represent those tears and the immense compassion of a Bodhisattva. The three stems of the lotus represent the “Three Spheres” of perception and the Bodhisattvas correct view of each. The opening line of Lama Tsongkapa’s Migtsema mantra reflect this same state of mind when they describe Chenresig as possessing a “treasure of love with no (self existent) one it loves”.

I hope this image brings peace to your heart and happiness to your mind.

With love, Jampay Dorje.

2 Comments on “White Tara

  1. It’s very beautiful., and very clear. I saved this for my tablet screen wallpaper, so I wanted to say thank you :)

  2. Love received, Jampay Dorje!
    Thank you so much for helping us see Tara more clearly and to feel her love more deeply. This manifestation of Tara will indeed help ferry us over the sea of suffering. Sending you love in return. Om Ah Hum!

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