DTW – Tutorial 3 – Shading a Lotus.

In this first part of the third tutorial on how to paint a lotus we begin by talking a little about the lighting used in Tibetan art. Then we look at some examples of how traditional thangkas are rendered/shaded. We look at a very beautiful old thangka and three works by contemporary artists Andy Weber, Robert Beer and Pema Namdro Thaye.Then we go on to look at the digital methods used to create shading and also take a look at the simple digital brush that I use for shading.

In the second part of the third tutorial we begin the actual rendering/shading process. We finish off by taking a peek at how digital methods can be used to restore an original thangka. We also take a preview of the next tutorial which is all about textures and making our image look ‘painted’.

Also a brief snippet on how to make a part of your image appear as though it were made of light.

I hope you enjoy!